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Spay/Neuter- spay and neuter is the most common of our surgical procedures.This procedure entails the veterinarian removing the internal reproductive organs. This set of procedures can be done no earlier then 5 months of age, depending on breed and expected size your veterinarian may recommend delaying this procedure to help with proper growth of your pet.

Dental- Dental surgery however not as commonly done is just as important as having your pet spayed or neutered. As much as you may try your pet one day may need Dental surgery to remove the built up plaque and tartar as well as possibly extracting unhealthy, damaged or teeth with severe periodontal disease.


Image 1: Dental Machine used for drilling teeth and prophy (cleaning)

Image 2: Dental xray gives us a good picture of the roots which are not visible to the naked eye

General Orthopedics- these procedures are one of the least seen. There are a variety of possible Orthopedic procedures, Fracture repairs, Cruciate repair (tearing of the Cruciate ligament), Patella luxation (where the knee cap (patella) dislocates or moves from where it should be). These procedures are usually diagnosed by a doctor prior to surgery.

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