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1)  Blood Work- as your pet hits senior status (depending on breed normally 8 years and up) we like to continue checking their blood work annually. Unfortunately as our furry friends get older no matter how good we are to them, organs do tend to weaken and can need assistance with their everyday functions. Running blood work can help us determine which organs may need help and help us determine which supplements or medications can help improve the function of their organs.

2) Dental Care- as said before no matter how much we do to prevent certain things from happening it is likely they will happen anyway. Eventually your pet is likely to have to come into the clinic and have a good thorough cleaning done which would require them to go under anesthetic and have a good scaling and polish like you and i would if we went to the dentist. Also while they are asleep the Veterinarian would assess all their teeth and determine if it is safe to leave all teeth where they are or if some teeth are unhealthy and need to be removed. Nothing would be removed without consulting with you the owner first.

3) Weight Management- at this point in your friends life it is likely their mobility is not the greatest and may need a little more help to keep the excess weight off. With older dogs exercise maybe harder to accomplish as they may be tender and may not have the same amount of energy as they used too, so in this case we recommend trying nutritional diets.

4) Nutrition- in the case of proper nutrition in senior pets their are many different subsections that can cater to your aging pets needs. One line of food carried at our clinic has medical diets as well as weight loss diets that can help with most issues you pet may have. For example a pet that is prome to bladder stones we have a diet from Royal Canin called Urinary S/O that can help prevent the formation of stones. Speak with your veterinarian to see which diet best suits your pets needs.

CONCERNS: With aging pets there is many concerns we run into that we screen for within the clinic. Arthritis, Periodontal Disease, Organ related diseases and many more. To see a full list of services please see our services offered page below is the link:

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