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Preventative Health for Puppies/Kittens

When you adopt a puppy there is a list of things we as a veterinarian clinic came up with that we thought you should consider as their first steps in Preventative Health.

1) Vaccines- We as a clinic recommend vaccinating to protect your pet from harmful diseases such as Canine Parvovirus (Puppies), Feline Leukemia (Kittens) and other diseases that pose a potential threat to your new friends health.

2) Deworming- deworming your new friend is highly recommended as worms can pose potential health and nutritional issues. Worms such as tapeworm can "leech" off the nutritional needs of your puppy or kitten.

3)  Flea Prevention- fleas are pesky little bug that feeds off of the blood in your furry friend we recommend using flea prevention as some pets can be allergic to their bites and can cause skin infections due to excessive scratching/ chewing. Fleas can also bite humans. In young pets that end up with severe flea infestations (however rare) it can cause anemia ( not enough red blood cells to help oxygen travel through the body) which in severe cases can lead to death.

4) Proper Behaviors- when we see your pet for the first time as a puppy or kitten we would love to discuss what is proper behavior for a companion animal such as not jumping on people that enter your house or not barking all the time. We can give suggestions to help you work on properly training your pet to curb inappropriate behaviors.

5) House Training- house training your new pet can sometimes be difficult and when you come in for your first visit if you find your new friend is just not getting the concept that their "business" needs to be done outside, one of our veterinarians can give you some pointers on how to teach your pet that outside is where the dirt belongs.

6) Dental Education- dental prevention is something we like to introduce early in life so as your friend gets older their teeth don't cause unnecessary problems. By teach your new friend that teeth brushing isn't a horrible thing it will make prevention for dental disease so much easier.

7) Nail Care- Starting nail care at a young age can be very beneficial. Start teaching your young friend that touching their feet is a good thing so then when it comes time to trim their nails it becomes less scary. If unsure on how to trim your friends nails consult with your veterinarian they will be more then willing to help you learn.

8) Nutrition- proper nutrition at a young age is very important to help your puppy or kitten grow properly and maintain a healthy weight and nice healthy looking coat. For proper recommendations on what your furry friend needs consult with your vet.

9) Kennel Training- kennel training is sometimes misconstrued as a punishment for your pet. Kennel training can be beneficial in teaching your animal proper behaviors such as house training. If you would like to know more about kennel training and its benefits please consult with your Veterinarian.

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