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Adult Dogs and Cats

Adult Dogs and Cats

1) Annual Exams- We recommend annual exams for all your companion animals as it gives our Veterinarian an idea of what is "normal" for your pet as well as help us watch any minor changes in health lumps/bumps, dental tartar and plaque.

2)  Preventative Dental Work & At home Care- during your annual exams your veterinarian will assess your pets teeth and possibly give you recommendations on how you can help take care of your pets teeth at home. There are options such as brushing their teeth, special treats and or nutritional options which can help promote healthy teeth in your pet.

3) Weight Management- once your furry friend hits adulthood and starts slowing down from all the puppy energy watching their weight can be a big thing to watch. Make sure you keep your pet active to help manage weight also proper nutrition and amounts for their size and age should be a discussion you have with your vet as to maintain healthy weight for your furry friend.

4) Blood Work- as an adult it may be time to do what we call baseline blood work. Baseline blood work will give us an idea if your dog has any abnormalities pre exsisting so then when your furry friend is actually sick we know what things to evaluate and that " oh fluffy had some elevations last time but now has this to go with it" it just helps us in the future eliminate any problems that may arise.

4) Parasite Control-Parasite control can continue to be an issue all their life. Making sure you keep your pet properly protected from parasites will help eliminate the possibility of your companion having any medical issues due to parasites, (malnourishment (tapeworm), persistent cough (lungworm), lyme disease (ticks)), all of these can be dangerous in their own way and we would like to help you take the steps to prevent any issues.

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