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War Dogs (Nov)

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In Honor of Remembrance Day instead of selecting one breed we wanted to dedicate a page to all the breeds that were used and are still used today to help in the war efforts.


    Dogs were used for many different jobs in the War efforts. The Red Cross used dogs to find wounded soldiers. They would collect evidence to show they had found a soldier and then lead rescuers to the the wounded soldier.


    Messenger dogs were used by France, Great Britain and Germany to deliver messages in the Elaborate trenches.

    Mascot dogs were used for comfort and companionship while the soldiers were involved in the war.

Sentry dogs worked on short leashes and taught to growl/ alert to their handler in the event of a ambush. They were especially valued at night when handlers themselves could not see a possible attack coming.

One dog, Sergeant Stubby, was a great multi tasker he could smell poisonous gas before it became dangerous to the men as well with his great dog hearing he could hear artillery fire before it started to blow up and affect soldiers. To learn more about Sergeant Stubby and his heroics follow this link:

Sergeant Stubby

In todays Military there are 3 major breeds used, German & Dutch Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. They are used mostly for their healthy aggressive behavior which is taught and how to control this behavior as well as their intelligence, loyalty and Athleticism.


    There are 2 memorial dedicated to war dogs, The Working dog teams National Monument and the National War Dog Cemetery in Guam

   (National War Dog Cemetery)

(Working Dog Teams National Monument)


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